Sunday, 23 October 2011

My 2nd choice of pimple face wash is pHisoderm pH Anti-Blemish Gel Facial Wash

This pimple face wash from pHisoderm comes in a handy pump dispenser. It leaves kin feeling smooth and does not over dry it, or make it feel uncomfortably tight. It is easy to use, just wet your face, pump a little into your hands and massage the cleanser into your face as with the Oxy above. You will find that it does not lather up very much but this certainly does not affect how effective it is on your skin. After use, rinse well with cool water and pat your face dry. You can use this product twice a day.
When using this face wash on your skin, be careful to avoid contact with your eyes. If this does happen, it stings and you need to flush it out thoroughly with clear water. This product contains 2.0% Salicylic Acid and you may find that using any other topical acne medications at the same time as this product may cause dryness or irritation. In this case, it is best to stick to just the one product at a time, unless your doctor specifically advises you otherwise.
Be sure that you keep this product well out of reach of children as if it is swallowed, you need to contact medical help immediately.
Reviewers comments are good for this product, one reviewer who had tried many other products without good results said,
“I’ve been using this product for almost a month now and I can honestly say that I have seen a pretty good change in my skin.”
Another reviewer said
“pHisoderm has evened out my skin and definitely reduced the severity and amount of pimples i have. It HAS NOT entirely cleared up my skin, and i still get stubborn breakouts from time to time but I i have noticed a change for the better.”
So, while this pimple face wash is not a miracle cure, it definitely does bring positive benefits in improvement of the skin’s condition and appearance as many reviewers said that it helped to reduce the size and appearance of spots and helped them to heal up faster.

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